Back in 1999 I had an e/n site (“everything and nothing”)that was a fun place to keep track of various programming experiments, serve as a sandbox for learning, and the occasional useful piece of content. That site officially closed down about a decade ago. In the meantime, I’ve been keeping paper notes and local git snippets of interesting tidbits of information like recipes, bug squashing hacks, and hobby logs.

In many ways, this blog is the exact opposite of its early predecessor. The main objective is clean content for archival purposes and motivation to digitize my own otherwise analog life. Anything that I refer back to more than once (like old notes, linux config scripts, or recipes) will make its way on here. If someone else finds a use for it, even better.

This is a jekyll blog hosted on github pages. As of this writing, Microsoft has purchased github. Given the cyclical nature of the internet I find the timing of this quite superb. My two-decade-ago self probably wouldn’t know what to think of all this, given how far Microsoft has come in since the early 2000s with regards to open source philosophy and general business practices. Let’s hope they only make github better and I don’t have to migrate this young blog until the year 2050 or beyond.

In many ways this site will reflect a snapshot of my given interests at the time of writing, with the exception of archival material which I will attempt to backdate as appropriate. I tend to take on a wide variety of projects and hobbies, often purely for the sake of learning something new. These projects often overlap, sometimes temporaly – days or even years apart – other times they overlap simply by means of having common interests or patterns. Thus, this blog serves another purpose: to remind my future self how things my past self may have learned.

The interests shared in this blog will include a mixture of personal and professional topics. Some posts may be short, others may be more in depth. Let’s just see how it goes.