• Welcome!

    This is my new blog. It isn’t quite ready yet, but once it is I’ll fill this out in a more proper manner.

  • Setting up the Raspberry Pi 3 with a serial UART (pints 8/10, GPIO 15/16) AND Bluetooth

    The Raspberry Pi 3 (and Raspberry Pi Zero!) have support for both serial port connectivity and bluetooth. For this particular project, I wanted to use the Raspberry Pi to scan for low energy bluetooth beacons, and send this information to a third party device via a serial port interface. At first I wasn’t sure if this was possible with the Pi, given that the serial port and bluetooth interfaces touch the GPIO subsystem, and I definitely needed a physical connection to the Pi3. As with all projects that involve hardware interfaces and linux drivers, it was tough to tell if this was going to be a 4 hour project or a 40 hour project.

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